Fortnite account merging is now live

Fortnite was the cause of much dispute among console manufacturers last year, as Sony insisted on keeping its online ecosystem locked away from competing platforms, forbidding cross-platform games and even blocking some users' accounts. Maybe because of the popularity of Fortnite, Sony eventually felt the pressure and began allowing gamers on different consoles to play with each other.

This prompted Epic Games to work on a way to allow players to merge their Fortnite accounts from different consoles so that their progress and purchases would be synced up across platforms. The feature was initially planned for November of last year, but it ended up being postponed to a vague "early 2019" time frame. Now, it seems that time is upon us. As spotted by, the official Fortnite website has been updated to state that account merging is now possible.

Here's how it works: you'll choose two accounts you which to merge, one of which will the primary account, while the other will be the secondary one. The console login from your secondary account will be immediately merged to your primary account and the former will be disabled. Then, you have to wait a couple of weeks to have the items and V-bucks in your secondary account carried over to the main one.

There are a few things to note here though. The feature is mostly aimed at PlayStation 4 players, so one of the accounts will have to be either on the Xbox One or the Nintendo Switch, while the other will have to be on Sony's console, and you'll need to have played on it prior to September 28, 2018 to be eligible to merge your accounts.

There are also some limitations on what gets carried over. Unreal Marketplace items and Creative Islands won't be carried over, and if you're still playing Save the World, the original single-player campaign mode, you'll also lose the level and progress from your secondary account. Llamas, Defenders, Heroes, Schematics, XP, Evolution, and Perk Materials will all be carried over.

Despite the limitations, this should be great news for those still playing Fortnite on a regular basis. You can begin the account merging process over at Epic's website.

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