From The Forums: Windows 8 from an OS X user perspective

On occasion, we like to highlight posts from our forum and let our readers do the talking. On this edition on “From the Forums”, Medfordite has written up a post that talks about Windows 8 from the perspective of a OS X user.

We have posted one snippet of his three part post that draws parallels to that of OS X and also highlights some of the differences between the two platforms.

Drill to desktop

There are a lot of people that discount Windows 8 because of the whole Metro Screen taking place of their beloved Desktop. It is often the short sightedness of people that haven’t used Windows 8 that form these conclusions. I used to be one of them and it wasn’t until I messed around with it, that I quickly learned that it is quite easy to access the Desktop and live in that world just the same as you would with older versions of Windows. And look here! I am accessing the desktop just the same as I would a Mac! (Metro Screen as a Dashboard).

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You can read the entire post here.

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