G Suite admins get new tools to track deployments and boost security

Google has announced a new update for G Suite that brings a couple of new features. The first is dubbed Work Insights, which can be used to track deployments across the business, and the other is called investigation tool, which lets admins identify suspicious device activity, see if Google Drive has been shared externally and remove access, delete malicious e-mails, and more. With these tools, Google hopes to make businesses and their employees more productive.

With Work Insights, businesses will be able to measure and understand how, and which, employees are adopting G Suite tools to get tasks completed. Admins can use the beta tool to get data of G Suite usage at the team level. After assessing the information, admins will know which tools are being adopted and by which team, and they’ll also be able to identify those teams that may need additional training with the applications. Google said the feature will be particularly helpful to businesses moving from legacy tools to G Suite.

Reena Nadkarni, Group Product Manager, G Suite, explained how businesses can boost collaboration between teams with Work Insights, she said:

“You can also use Work Insights to learn how your teams are collaborating across your organization. For example, an admin can quickly surface the percentage of users on the Sales team that are working with the Marketing team to see patterns, like if they’re working together in meetings or co-creating documents. This insight can help executives identify opportunities to strengthen collaboration and reduce siloes.”

As for the investigation tool, admins will be able to utilise this tool in order to boost the security of their network by identifying suspicious device activity, deleting malicious e-mails, and seeing whether Google Drive access has been shared externally with those who shouldn’t have access, and then revoke that access.

Google built the investigation tool with a simple user interface, making it easier for admins to find threats. Google says that this tool enables “admins to take action by scaling incident response across the entire domain with a few clicks.” The investigation tool is available today for G Suite Enterprise customers and Work Insights is in beta for G Suite users.

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