Gainward to launch ultra quiet FX Ultra

The answer to our prayers?

THE GAINWARD COMPANY , known to make very fast nVidia based cards, is going to surprise us again. We expect this PowerPack card will be faster than many cards but Gainward has some other things in mind. Once more it has given a short and easy to remember name; GW GF FX PP MU 1000 P GS would be the initials or Gainward FX PowerPack! Model Ultra/1000 Plus "Golden Sample". Gainward didn't try for its usual card modifications, it's simply going to use the same reference board designed for all nVidia partners. But it will do something about the cooling. Most of the very few Geforce FX reviewed so far have suffered from an extremely loud cooling card on the system.

Gainward will introduce two cards. The first is named the Gainward FX PowerPack! Model Ultra/1000 Plus "Golden Sample" that will be clocked at 500 / 1000 MHz. The second based on Geforce FX 5800 (non-ultra). This card should cost juicy €649 including VAT or £449 in the good old UK. It will be named the same except 1000 will be changed to 800 as that's the speed of memory on Geforce FX. So it's the Gainward FX PowerPack! Model Ultra/800 Plus "Golden Sample" and this baby will cost you €549 on the continent or £389 in Blighty.

News source: The inq.

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