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Galax issues official statement regarding resale of refurbished Nvidia GPUs

Galax, which is an exclusive add-in-board (AIB) partner of Nvidia that is based in China, has provided an official statement to Chinese media outlet IT Home in response to allegations that it's selling refurbished GeForce graphics cards as new. The vendor is famous for its Hall Of Fame (HOF) lineup of GPUs which are its enthusiast class of products that feature the fastest clocks and best cooling.

Galax Hall Of Fame HOF

Apparently, certain Galax GPUs seemed to carry a gold mark around the PCB and rumors started flying around that these particular graphics cards were refurbished old GPUs. Galax has denied this allegation in its statement clarifying that the GPUs were newly manufactured. The vendor has explained that the rigorous testing carried out in the labs internally is responsible for the golden marks.

Here is the Galax's statement (Google translated to English):

In response to the recent complaints about the abnormal golden finger of our GALAXY brand graphics card products, our company attaches great importance to it, and has coordinated with each responsible department to issue a product test report. The results show that the product belongs to our company's brand new original graphics card.

The full-featured test of the graphics card product before shipment may cause the product gold finger to wear , so we apologize to the users who misunderstand the product gold finger scratches and appearance color.

[..] Our company solemnly promises that all product lines produced by our company are not refurbished or recharged , and all the GALAXY products sold by agents and merchants in regular channels fully enjoy all the after-sales service and quality assurance of GALAXY official authentic products.

Here is the image of an Galax RTX 3070 Ti that was tested by Galax when a user returned the GPU on grounds that it was refurbished:

Tested Galax TX 3070 Ti graphics card
A customer's RTX 3070 Ti that was tested by Galax

Images for the full report on this tested RTX 3070 Ti can be found on IT Home's site here.

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