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GameCube Games Hacked By "StarCube" Piracy Group

I wake up this morning got on my computer and checked all the news site, as i usually do to see if theres anything up well i can across this bit of information about our lovely little gamecube which got me all excited. well here read it for yourself:

An online piracy group called "StarCube" has made ISO's of games like The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker available for download on the net. They are not publicly available to everyone, but are said to be hosted on private warez FTP sites.

As of yet (6/14/2003) there is no way to actually play the games after burning to a mini-disc, but reliable sources say that there will be a hack for the GameCube released soon so that these illegal copies can be played. Also rumors do have it that the copied games can be played on the Panasonic GameCube, but that is unconfirmed.

Here is an excerpt from the group's information file on the release: "No, you wont be able to play this game on your GC, at least for now. But we thought software and hardware hackers would be interested in a GC release for various reasons, so here it is. For this first one, we decided to give you a pure disc dump. But on a GC disc, all the space that's not used is filled with random garbage, which is bad for compression. Any upcoming release from us will have that garbage removed. Coders can have a look at the /maps directory, which contains symbols information, pretty useful for reverse engineering. (Many games have such map files)"

News source: Nintendo Insider

News source: Console Gods

To read the full information file for the game's release click here.

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