Geek Revenge: Poetic Justice For Spammer

Looks like /. upped the ante on Michigan based Spam lord Alan Ralsky who is responsible for a significant percentage of the Spam circulating on the internet along with the lovely e-mails that you wouldn't want your mother to see (if you know what I mean).

In a fit of somewhat understandable rage geeks from all over the net found out the spammers home address and signed the mofo up for every single mailshot under the sun. Which amounts to several bags worth each day all delivered by the friendly folks at the US Postal Service.

Ralasky has hired a lawyer to sue the anti-spammers but in this reporters opinion he would likely be laughed out of court given his business practices where he sends out more than a billion spam messages every single day to his victims.

Like the old addage says....what goes around comes around and this is a prime example.

UPDATE: Looks like the geeks have went even further and started issuing threatening phone calls

News source: Mike Wendland (Free Press)

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