Google Feed goes through a revamp, renamed to Discover

Google launched Feed back in December of 2016 via an update to the Google app. Google Feed replaced Google Now and brought with it personalized cards that constantly updated information based on your interests and usage of the Google app, such as sports news, weather, news topics and the like. The company further updated Feed in 2017, bringing ‘Trending’ and the ability to follow topics that you’re interested in. Today, as part of its efforts to improve search, the search giant is revamping Feed and is renaming it to Discover.

Discover brings with it a new design to the card UI. At the top of each card are now topic headers, giving you a better picture of what topic those articles fall under. Tapping on the topic lets you explore that specific topic, providing more articles relevant to that topic, including videos and more visual content. Interestingly, what Discover also offers is something the company calls “evergreen content”, articles that aren’t “new to the web but are new to you”.

As with Feed, you can also follow Discover topics. However, with the new UI, you can choose to see more or fewer updates about a topic by simply tapping on the control icon at the bottom right of the card. Additionally, Discover uses the Full Coverage feature found in Google News to provide a broader picture of a particular topic by providing an “unpersonalized view of events from a range of trusted news sources”.

Discover also brings support for multiple languages across cards, letting you view your interests in your preferred language. For example, you may want to read sports news in English, but prefer politics in Spanish. Currently, multi-language support is only available for English and Spanish, with more languages and countries to be added soon. Google adds that Discover will be available not just on the Google app and the Pixel launcher, but also on on all mobile web browsers.

The revamp is set to roll out over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for those app updates.

What do you think about Discover and the changes to the feed? Let us know in the comments.

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