Google is developing a 'media history' feature for Chrome

Google has added a few new media-related features to its Chrome browser in the recent past, such as the global media controls feature that even made its way to Edge. The search giant is also testing a picture-in-picture button in the control center, which unsurprisingly is also being tested in Microsoft’s Edge Canary version. Now, XDA Developers have spotted a few commits to the Chromium Gerrit that hint at a new media history feature.

As the name suggests, the feature will be tasked with providing a list of all media content that has been played on the browser. While it is not clear how the feature will be placed, there currently are references to a ‘basic Web UI’ commit for ‘media history data’. It is possible that the feature could be part of browsing history or may have its own section in the History section.

As with browser history, media history too can be deleted. The commit suggests that the recorded media URLs will be deleted along with the browser history when cleared from the browser. There are many more commits under the ‘Media History’ tag, including commits for features that can store ‘watchtime in seconds’, ‘support incognito’, and more. Chrome Canary currently has a flag termed ‘#media-history’ that can be enabled, but there are no user-facing changes that can be currently spotted.

The feature should be an interesting addition to the browser. It would not be surprising to see the feature make its way to Edge as well, considering that the Redmond giant is constantly contributing to Chromium and is actively developing more features for its browser.

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