Zoom updates its macOS installer to address 'abusive pre-installation scripts'

Zoom's privacy issues have been piling up over the past couple of weeks since its popularity soared as millions of people work from home over coronavirus-related lockdowns. A few days ago, a vulnerability was discovered in the video conferencing service that could let hackers steal the users' Windows credentials. Prior to that, its Facebook SDK for its iOS client was found to be sending user data to the social networking site.

Some of those security and privacy concerns have already been addressed as Zoom is implementing a feature freeze for the next 90 days. Today, the company fixed yet another issue with its service related to its macOS installer (via The Verge). According to the news outlet, Zoom has confirmed the rollout of an update to the installer meant to address issues with its pre-installation scripts. Around three days ago, software engineer Felix Seele discovered that Zoom’s macOS installer was abusing those scripts in order to circumvent Apple's OS restrictions and install its software on Macs without proper user consent.

Following the latest update to Zoom's macOS installer, users will now need to approve it before the installation proceeds as normal. The fix came just two days after Zoom CEO Eric S. Yuan responded to Seele's revelation via Twitter and promised to address the problem. As for the rest of its privacy issues like "Zoombombing" where strangers hijack your video calls, it remains to be seen how the company plans to address these.

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