Google Photos' Live Albums get updated automatically as you take pictures

The Pixel 3 smartphones announced today received a ton of improvements in regards to imaging, including much-improved low-light performance, better zoom quality, and more. Google seems to care about photography a lot, and so Google Photos is also getting some new features starting today.

Perhaps the most interesting addition is Live Albums, which essentially save users the hassle of manually adding pictures to an album. Any album on the service can be turned into a live one, and to do so, you simply have to add people you would like to see in that album. Then, as you take pictures with those people, they will automatically be added to the album. And by sharing your albums with others, any new pictures added are visible to everyone in real-time as well. Live Albums are rolling out to all major platforms in "some countries", though Google didn't specify which.

Additionally, some of the new imaging features announced alongside the Pixel 3 will be coming to other devices through Google Photos. While things such as Top Shot will require Google's new phones, the ability to adjust the depth effect after the fact will not only work on previous Pixel devices, it will also support other phones with portrait mode capabilities, such as Motorola's Moto G6.

These features will likely be welcome if you're a heavy user of Google Photos, especially with how much easier it should be to share pictures with others. The company also points out how you can use the new Google Home Hub - or the Pixel 3 together with a Pixel Stand - as a digital photo frame that grabs your pictures from the cloud.

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