Google set to mimic Microsoft's Bing search backgrounds

Google has revealed it plans to introduce search backgrounds for its search engine.

The feature, available today for those in the U.S., allows users to select their own background for the homepage or choose from galleries that Google provides. Microsoft's Bing search engine has provided changing daily backgrounds since the service launched in May 2009. The backgrounds, with handy facts, have proved popular across the Internet with some choosing to archive the various International versions.

Google VP Marissa Mayer revealed the feature in a blog post on Wednesday. "For those of you who want to enjoy the clean, simple look of Google as well as your personalised view, we've made it easy to switch between your customised search page and classic Google. We hope you enjoy this fun new feature and that it makes Google search more your own" Mayer said.

Google's custom backgrounds are being made available in the U.S. initially with International availability scheduled "in the coming days".

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