Google to discuss new privacy policy, you are not invited

Google, quite possibly, knows more about you than your own family does. As the company collects data to better align the advertisements to your interest, many feel that it is also invading your privacy.

Google has gone to great lengths to make it known that its privacy policy will soon be changing. The new policy will allow Google to cross-examine data from all of its products to tailor the advertisements and search results to align with your needs.

Yes, it all sounds great when it comes to creating a better product for the consumer but there is one big problem, “Google will not permit users to opt out of this information collection and sharing across platforms and devices” according to the USA Today.

Congress is surely a bit concerned about this and has called Google to explain the changes and will do so this week; but don’t even think about attending. The closed door event will only be open to a few members of congress from the House Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing and Trade.

It is unclear why the meeting will be behind closed doors and who actually requested that the meeting be held privately. The irony is not lost in that a new privacy policy that is designed to make things more transparent will be discussed privately to members of Congress who are publically voted in to office.

Google is working to consolidate its products and give the end user the best experience possible and to do that it needs data from all of its sources. Google knows that it has a power stance on the market and even if consumers do not agree with the change, they will most likely accept it as it will remain invisible to them.

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