Google Trends: Xbox 720 searches beating Playstation 4

Microsoft has not made any official announcements about its successor to the Xbox 360 game console, but there are certainly plenty of Internet rumors on that front. Indeed, the next to the last print issue of the UK-based Xbox World magazine claimed to have the 411 on what will be inside the "Xbox 720".

Sony is also being secretive about its plans for the next Playstation console, although recent rumors suggested that some game developers have gotten their hands on hardware SDKs for the "Playstation 4." It's expected that at least one, and perhaps both, consoles could launch before the end of 2013.

If that happens, then Microsoft's Xbox team might come out on top. As Ludos Mundi points out, one only needs to go to the Google Trends website to find out how much search interest there has been in "Xbox 720" and "Playstation 4"in the last 11 months.

Comparing the two terms worldwide, Google Trends says that 60 percent of people search for "Xbox 720", compared to 40 percent for "Playstation 4". In the US, "Xbox 720" has a 66 percent search result on Google Trends, compared to 33 percent for "Playstation 4".

It is still way too early to call a winner in the next generation console battle, especially since two of the three players have yet to reveal anything. However, it would appear that consumers have a lot more interest in the next Xbox than in the next Playstation which gives Microsoft a big heads up on Sony.

Source: Ludos Mundi | Image via Future Publishing

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