Microsoft's DC insider could throw the kitchen sink at Google

A few weeks ago, Microsoft launched its "Scroogled" holiday ad campaign, as it tried to show that search results on Google's Shopping service are in fact filled with paid ads rather than objective search listings. Of course, Microsoft says that its Bing search service has no such feature. The campaign is one of the first public efforts from Mark Penn, its Corporate Vice President in charge of Strategic and Special Projects.

Penn was hired by Microsoft in July and since then he has lead what he calls a "SWAT team" to go after Google. The New York Times reports that it came up with the Scroogled marketing effort very quickly after polling consumers about the changes made to Google Shopping. The poll said that most people were unaware of the changes that put ads inside the search results. As you might expect, most of the people didn't like the changes.

Penn previously worked for both Bill and Hillary Clinton in their US Presidential campaigns and is known to be pretty ruthless, with an unnamed former colleague of Penn's saying that should continue with his campaign against Google. The person said, "Google should be prepared for everything but the kitchen sink thrown at them. Actually, they should be prepared for the kitchen sink to be thrown at them, too.”

If that's true, than this month's "Scroogled" ad effort may just be the first salvo in Penn's marketing war against Google.

Source: The New York Times | Image via Microsoft

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