Greenfish Icon Editor Pro 3.0

Greenfish Icon Editor Pro (GFIE Pro) is a powerful freeware icon, cursor, animation, icon library and image editor. Layer support with advanced selection handling makes it a really professional and unique freeware tool for designing pixelgraphic images. GFIE offers high-quality filters like Bevel, Drop Shadow and Glow; supports editing animated cursors and managing icon libraries.

It's lightweight (< 5 MB unzipped) and also has a portable version - just unpack it to your USB drive and use it anywhere. A clean, customizable, multilanguage user interface makes it really easy to learn and use.

What's new in this version:

  • Improved: GFIE will be cross-platform in the near future (will run on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X)
  • Rearranged user interface: tabs instead of MDI windows
  • Greatly improved: image processing speed
  • Added feature: loading/saving Apple ICNS files
  • Added feature: loading/saving JPEG 2000 files
  • Added feature: loading/saving 16-bit executables and icon libraries
  • Added feature: pressing Escape deselects all
  • Added feature: rotating selection by an arbitrary angle
  • Added feature: textboxes which expect numbers can now accept and calculate expressions, like 12*(128+10)
  • Added feature: Wand/Bucket can be switched to non-contiguous mode
  • Added feature: patterns for drawing
  • Added feature: new blend modes: Hue, Hue Shift and Saturation
  • Added feature: new menu items "Import pages" and "Export all pages"
  • Fixed bug: XPM export sometimes wrote unescaped backslash (\) characters into output

Download: Greenfish Icon Editor Pro 3.0 | 1.6 MB (Freeware)
Download: Greenfish Icon Editor Pro 3.0 Portable | 1.5 MB
Link: Homepage

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