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GTA: Vice City gameplay details revealed

A city twice the size, 120 vehicles, 50 weapons - it all adds up to a whole load of criminality

A load of details have emerged of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - and the city will be over twice the size of the one featured in predecessor GTA3. Not only that, players will now be able to wander round indoor environments, including casinos, hotels and discos.

The choice of weaponry has been increased to a total of 40 tools of destruction, while the combat system has also been tweaked so that, when you're auto-targeting, the camera doesn't swing round in the annoying fashion in did in GTA3.

Equally generous is the selection of different cars featured in the game, now up to 120 - 70 more than GTA3. Included among the new vehicles are rideable motorbikes.

The game's engine is being reworked and should ensure there's far less slow-down along with added particle effects and lighting effects (cars, for instance, will have far more reflective surfaces and shadowing).

Of course, there are loads of other neat touches too. We're particularly taken with the idea that you can actually hide behind pedestrians to avoid gunfire. Harsh - but funny.

The missions themselves will offer greater variety and we can expect more sub-missions (delivering pizza is one), while improved AI will allow for more intelligent gangs and police.

News source: gamesradar

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