Hackers restore OtherOS functionality to PS3

When Sony removed the PlayStation 3's OtherOS functionality almost nine months ago, they were subjected to a torrent of disapproval for their actions. Now, the sought-after feature has returned. Hackers have managed to restore the ability to install Linux on their Playstation 3 consoles again, though it does require an already-modified PlayStation 3 console in order to use the 'OtherOS' feature again. ArsTechnica has managed to uncover more than just the restoration of the feature; they have also managed to find one of the sites where such a hack can be explained and performed.

The installation of Linux upon Sony's console is difficult to follow for those inexperienced with the advanced terminology and handling the modified PS3 console. The actual installation of OtherOS through this method brings the following features:

  • Integrated OtherOS bootloader.
  • OtherOS bootloader is started directly from hard drive without the need for GameOS.
  • Process of booting OtherOS is similar to that of Firmware 3.15.
  • Linux can be booted from the hard drive, a network, or a USB drive.
  • Linux has GameOS rights.
  • Full access is given to system critical files for the console via both Linux and GameOS.

Other features are listed both on the 'official site' distributing the hack, and on the ArsTechnica webpage. The 'official site' that is restoring the feature leaves the following messages on their homepage, clearly directed at Sony:

One small steps for devs, one giant kick in the nuts for Sony Corp.

My hardware, my rules.
I brought back what you took away.

As with any modification, you should do so at the risk of potentially rendering your device inoperable. 

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