Here are the top 10 features people want in Microsoft Outlook

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Last week, we took a look at the top 10 features people want on Microsoft Teams. This list was curated based on Microsoft's feedback portal for Microsoft 365 services. Today, we'll be discussing the top 10 features people want in Outlook.

For the purpose of this piece, we will only be listing issues that are "open", sorted by upvote count. As such, capabilities which Microsoft has rolled out in general availability or preview will be excluded. Also note that this list covers Outlook services across various platforms and versions, it does not only include Windows. With that said, let's begin!

  1. Sync email signatures across different devices - 9,360 upvotes
    Microsoft: Thank you to everyone who voted. We’re happy to report that we’re working on sync'ing signatures across devices. More details to come as we have them.
  2. Enable an option to display declined meetings in the calendar - 7,297 upvotes
    Microsoft: While this request is being reviewed for future consideration please try this workaround solution.
  3. Include Forward\Reply\Reply All with attachments in Microsoft Outlook 2016 - 6,813 upvotes
    No response from Microsoft.
  4. Add BCC, CC as well as FYI field to meeting requests in Outlook 2016 and enhance the functionality by including it in Teams Meeting - 6,333 upvotes
    No response from Microsoft.
  5. Change ownership of calendar event in Outlook 2016 - 3,925 upvotes
    No response from Microsoft.
  6. Unified Inbox for Outlook 2016 - 3,272 upvotes
    No response from Microsoft.
  7. Use native Apple Notifications on macOS - 2,523 upvotes
    No response from Microsoft.
  8. Recurring meetings: Option to end recurrence and preserve prior meeting occurrences - 2,244 upvotes
    No response from Microsoft.
  9. Accept meeting invite and do not send a Response - 2,213 upvotes
    No response from Microsoft.
  10. Enable colored mailbox folders or Color coded All Unread Inbox - 2,124 upvotes
    No response from Microsoft.

While the list of highly upvoted feature requests is quite interesting and clearly very specific to user scenarios in some cases, it's a bit disheartening to see that the Outlook team isn't as publicly responsive to feedback as the Teams group.

Out of the 10 items listed above, only two have been graced by a public response from Microsoft even though all of them have thousands of upvotes. This is clearly an area that the company needs to improve on. Customers shouldn't be expected to visit the Microsoft 365 Roadmap and other repositories to keep track of every feature when a feedback portal exists to communicate things directly as well, at least for popular requests. As such, it's currently unclear when, or if, a lot of these requests will be catered to by Microsoft.

Do you use Outlook? Which features would you want Microsoft to implement? Let us know in the comments section below and also inform Microsoft by submitting your feedback over here!

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