Here are the top 10 features people want in OneNote

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Microsoft has multiple feedback portals for various service and offerings, allowing consumers to directly provide input to the company about the new features and changes they want in software like Windows 11, Teams, Outlook, OneDrive, Word, and the Microsoft Store. Today, we will be listing the top 10 features that the public is requesting for Microsoft's note-taking app, OneNote.

As usual, we will only be listing issues that are "open", sorted by upvote count on the Feedback portal. Also note that this list may cover multiple platforms and does not only include Windows. Although we typically add Microsoft's response next to each line item, we won't do it this time because the fact of the matter is that the company has not bothered responding to any feedback item.

With that out of the way, let's begin!

  1. Ability to share individual sections or pages (instead of entire notebooks) - 7,420 upvotes
  2. Ink to text conversion on iPad - 5,014 upvotes
  3. Local storage of notebooks on Mac - 4,130 upvotes
  4. Mac and Outlook integration - tasks, meeting minutes, export to OneNote - 3,513 upvotes
  5. Include OneNote for Desktop in Office 2019 - 3,186 upvotes
  6. Add Find Tags and Summarize Tags on Mac - 3,184 upvotes
  7. Page Templates for OneNote on Mac, just like Windows - 2,740 upvotes
  8. Custom tags on Mac - 2,595 upvotes
  9. Group objects and anchor ink to text and images - 2,505 upvotes
  10. Drawing (Annotating, Highlighting and Handwriting) on Mac - 2,457 upvotes

Overall, it's interesting to see that many of the feedback items are Mac-specific, with users of those devices complaining about being treated like second-class citizens when it comes to OneNote functionalities. Although there are recent comments on almost all of these items indicating that they have still not been catered to by Microsoft, it's a bit difficult to say for sure since the company hasn't officially responded to anything.

It's a bit disappointing to see the OneNote team being unresponsive to user feedback, even though this is a dedicated portal where users of the app can voice their complaints directly to Microsoft. While the Redmond tech giant may be listening to its users, the deafening silence is clearly annoying some people because some of the items mentioned in the list have been open for over 10 months. It remains to be seen how quickly the OneNote team can introduce new capabilities while also aiming for feature parity between Windows and Mac.

Are you an active OneNote user? What more functionalities would you like to be added to the app?

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