Here's what's new in today's Surface Pro 4 firmware update

Earlier this afternoon, Microsoft released a firmware update for its Surface Pro 4 tablet. At the time, we could only speculate what that might have included, since as usual, there were no release notes available yet.

But now, there's finally a changelog listed on the company's Surface Update History page. Here's what's new:

Windows Update History Name Device Manager Name
Microsoft Driver update for Surface Embedded Controller Firmware

Surface Embedded Controller Firmware

  • 103.1684.256.0 improves battery life during sleep.
Intel Corporation driver update for Intel(R) Precise Touch Device

Intel(R) Precise Touch Device

  • disables touch when cover is closed, and improves stability.
Surface driver update for Surface Integration

Surface Integration

  • adjusts system Hibernation defaults.
Microsoft driver update for Surface Touch Servicing ML

Surface Touch Servicing ML

  • 1.0.724.0 optimizes touch functionality.
Surface driver update for Surface System Aggregator

Surface System Aggregator

  • 103.1610.256.0 resolves screen brightness issue when device comes out of sleep.
Surface driver update for Surface UEFI

Surface UEFI

  • 106.1624.768.0 refines brightness settings.
Microsoft Driver update for Surface Touch

Surface Touch

  • optimizes touch functionality.

According to the Value Indicator chart that Microsoft has been providing with its recent firmware updates, this improves reliability, performance, and battery life, with no impact on security, connectivity, and compatibility.

You can also download the updates manually, if for some reason you don't feel like dealing with Windows Update. You can find them here. This new firmware is for all Surface Pro 4 devices, unlike the previous two, which were exclusive to those running the Windows 10 Creators Update.

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