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High end card shortage due to lack of GDDR3

Sources within the graphic industry confirmed that delays of high end graphics cards are being heavily affected by a shortage of high clocked GDDR 3 memory. ATI won't even talk about the X800XT PE and its availability, and we know that there are not that many X800XT cards in retail either. The firm is reacting to press questions with that classic spin technique, silence. The spinners probably think that if they say nothing, everyone will forget about it, presumably.

As for Nvidia, it was telling us that it was actually shipping Geforce 6800 Ultra as crazy through their partners and that there are no shortages. The situation on the ground is a completely different story altogether, we have learned that the 6800 Ultras are hardly available in etail or in retail. As we reported last week, you can barely find X800XT PE, X800XT or Geforce 6800 Ultras. We are puzzled why the graphic companies haven't just said the delay partially caused by shortage of DDR 3 memory. I don't think they are afraid of the memory guys, are they?

News source: The Inquirer

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