High tech sleep sensor hits $1 million mark on Kickstarter

A sleep monitoring device has passed the $1.3 million mark on Kickstarter in its first week, with the final forecast expected to be around $4 million when the project ends in 22 days time.

The sleek-looking device called Sense, which was launched by James Proud last week, only had an original Kickstarter goal of raising $100,000 within 30 days, but great word of mouth from many tech sites has already produced a backing of over ten times that figure.

Sense is an orb-shaped device that wouldn’t look out of place in an art display. It can track your sleep behaviour and your sleeping environment with the aim of helping you wake at the perfect point in your sleep cycle via what they call the “Smart Alarm." It is powered by a micro-USB cable via a USB wall adapter.

The package will also come with what the company calls a “Sleep Pill,” which will attach to your pillow and track your sleep, it can detect when you fall asleep, are fast asleep, or even when you are moving around in your sleep.

The information from the Sleep Pill is all sent wirelessly via Bluetooth Low Energy and ANT to the Sense orb. The Sleep Pill can also last a year without needing to have its battery replaced, and is even waterproof.

Sense can be ordered now for $129 on the Kickstarter page, with an estimated delivery of November 2014. It comes in two colours -- cotton and charcoal -- and will ship with two “Sleep Pills” for you and a partner. At the moment, Sense will only support iPhone and Android devices, but we have asked if a Windows Phone version is in the cards and will update the article when we have that information.

Source: Back Page News and Kickstarter

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