How many flavors will Windows 7 come in?

The most recent leaked screenshots of Windows 7 build 7025 suggests 5 versions, but Gregg Keizer of Computer World reports that Microsoft hasn't decided on it yet.

A Microsoft spokeswoman confirmed the 5 version names in Windows 7 beta, but said they were only preliminary. She also added that Microsoft will continue to take customer feedback from the beta test period into account as they refine the SKU set for Windows 7 and will share more information when its available.

As far as netbook is concerned Cnet UK reported that Microsoft plans to make a single version of Windows 7 for netbook alone. Microsoft also plans to release a Small Business version of Windows 7, an Enterprise edition and two additional 'N' versions of Windows 7 for customers in the EU. This makes the edition count of Windows 7 rise to 10.

Paul Thurrott, a well-known Windows blogger, rules out the possibilities of Starter edition, netbook SKU edition, Home Basic being included in Windows 7. According to him, Microsoft plans to rename Business edition to Professional edition and include Media Center features as well as eliminate Enterprise edition and offer its features as add-ons to corporate customers. Thurrott believes Microsoft's best strategy will be to release Windows 7 in just 3 versions Home, Professional and Ultimate (excuding EU versions)

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