Huawei allows users to delete the cutout on the top of the P20 and P20 Pro display

Today, Huawei announced an array of handsets and also accessories. The devices that are earning the most coverage are the P20 Pro and P20. Both of these devices have a cutout on the top part of the display, similar to what you would find on the iPhone X. We know that Google is preparing Android for the onslaught of notches that could arrive in 2018 but Huawei is doing something a bit interesting by giving users the option to delete the cutout altogether.

The cutout trend is in full effect with a variety of Android handsets set to offer the design. Rather than locking its customers into the look, Huawei is doing things a bit different from the competition by allowing users to remove it. This doesn't require anything high tech and simply puts a black bar on the top part of the screen, blending the cutout with the display. It isn't completely seamless but it still looks very good. If interested in the P20 Pro and P20, you can take a look at Rich Woods' hands-on of the devices.

Source: Stefan Constantine (Twitter) via The Verge

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