Apple is now selling its Space Gray accessories that were exclusive to the iMac Pro

Apple held an event today to focus on its educational products, announcing a new iPad with Pencil support. Following the event, the company quietly listed the Space Gray accessories that were previously exclusive to the iMac Pro on its website.

The new color option is available for the Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse, and Magic Trackpad, but unfortunately, it comes at a $20 premium. The Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad are both $149 in Space Gray rather than $129 in Silver, and the Magic Mouse comes in at $99 in Space Gray, and $79 in Silver.

The move makes a lot of sense on Apple's part. Launching these peripherals alongside the iMac Pro made the product feel special, since the devices only came in the box with the PC. However, Apple's line of MacBooks and MacBook Pros also comes in Space Gray, and users of those products surely would like matching accessories.

The new colors are listed as being able to pick up in stores this Friday, although if you order today, it says that they may be delivered by Thursday, which is March 29. If you want to check out the new accessories, you can find them at the following links:

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