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Iceland's new Samsung Galaxy S4 commercial is wacky

Remember those odd Windows 8 TV commercials from Japan that we spotted a couple of months ago? Well, we think that the newest Samsung Galaxy S4 TV ad, made for the folks in Iceland, may have those beat in terms of overall wackiness.

The ad, which was uploaded to YouTube earlier this week, starts off with a man who is holding an apple in the middle of a rocky and lonely-looking landscape ... except he is trying to use the apple as if it were a smartphone. He is seen touching the apple's skin like it had a touchscreen and holding the apple to his ear, as if he expected to hear something on the other end.

Yes, there's some obvious symbolism at work here as Samsung continues to slam the iPhone 5, although in a less direct way. Finally, our mysterious Icelander tries out a Samsung Galaxy S4 and it seems all is right with the world.

Then the commercial goes completely into left field as it shift to a dance routine with our blond stranger surrounded by four dancers, all dressed in black with their heads covered by black ski masks. Are they supposed to be ninjas or just gymnasts who are afraid to show their faces? We don't know. Oh, and a solitary sheep also appears at times.

Finally, the Icelander decides to eat his apple at the end of the commercial, which we think is a symbol of Samsung taking a bite out of Apple's market share. Maybe? We think. Oh, just watch it.

Source: Samsung via The Next Web

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