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IE9 TV commercial gets a parody: "It's Kinda Fast ... I Guess?"

In March, Microsoft launched a new TV commercial campaign for Internet Explorer 9. The TV spot was also the first place many people got to hear the pop song "Too Close" by UK-based singer Alex Clare. The song has since become a major hit in the UK and the US. It recently peaked at number eight on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

A couple of months ago, Microsoft launched a new version of its IE9 TV ad, again with "Too Close" as its soundtrack. This week, the parody comedy team World Wide Interweb decided to have some fun and made their own version of Microsoft's IE commercial.

The video, posted on YouTube, calls the clip the "honest version" of the commercial. It comes complete with all of the stereotypical issues people encounter when they use, well, pretty much any web browser (buffering, virus infections, etc). While the video targets IE, the truth is that people encounter the same kinds of issues no matter which browser they happen to be using on their PC.

It's still a funny video, however, and it also shows that Microsoft's IE 9 marketing campaign has become well known enough to generate such a parody. It helps that its background song has become a major hit.

Source: World Wide Interweb

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