If you were hoping to buy an Xbox Onesie, you're out of luck

Back in August, Microsoft unveiled the Xbox Onesie, and it was glorious. The snuggly gaming suits were part of the Australian Xbox One S launch, but at the time, there appeared to be some hope that it might be available in other regions.

Major Nelson ended up giving some away, and more recently, Microsoft offered the ability to add a Onesie to your Xbox Live Avatar. In the announcement, Larry Hryb (Major Nelson) said that "distribution was extremely limited and I was only able to give a handful of them away."

Speaking in the past tense, it implied that the Onesie was no longer available, so we reached out to Microsoft. A spokesperson issued the following statement to Neowin:

The Xbox Onesies were for a limited-time activation led by our Xbox Australia team and are no longer available at this time.

As you can see, the news does not look good for those who want to game in both style and comfort. Of course, nothing is ever written in stone. By offering the ability to add an Xbox Onesie to gamers' avatars, Microsoft clearly knows that there is some demand for the item, so there may be hope for the future.

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