IGN announces their PC games of the year

It's that time of year where leading game sites start publishing their "best of the year" game lists, and IGN has posted their 'Best of 2008' PC Games.  It was quite a list, and it was definitely a fantastic year for PC gaming as a whole.

"Contrary to popular perception, the PC isn't dying. The PC remains in far more homes than all the consoles combined. Yes, that covers a very broad range of machines, but there are also an incredibly broad range of PC games that cater to gamers of all stripes, from the casual gamer who only plays puzzle games to the hardcore gamer who buys a dozen or more games per year."
IGN had a wide variety of categories this year, including awards for Best Action Game, Best New IP, Most Innovative Design, and much more.

Highlights include:

  • Left 4 Dead – Best Multiplayer Game
  • GTA IV – Best Action Game
  • Sins of a Solar Empire – Best New IP
  • Spore – Best Artistic Design
  • GC II: Twilight of the Arnor – Best Expansion
  • Crysis Warhead – Best Graphics Technology
  • Sins of a Solar Empire – Best Strategy Game
Sins of a Solar Empire from IronClad Games and published by Stardock, walked away with the most awards including the top spot with PC Game of the Year. 
Link: IGN PC: Best of 2008 Awards

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