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Infineon touts 1GB DDR part

Infineon today announced the release of engineering samples of 1GB DDR SDRAM modules. The company also says it has demonstrated working 2GB DIMMS last month at the Intel Developer's Forum. And it's giving another showing to the 2GB beast, running on Intel's Plumas/Prestonia platform, at JEDEX this week in Santa Clara.

The new modules are based on single 512MB memory parts, apparently the first time this will be commercially availabe. They are high density, enabling server OEMs to squeeze more memory into the same physical space - according to Infineon, system integrators can double on board memory, compared with integrated 256MB modules.

The 1GB module costs $1,900 - remember, this an engineering sample, while the 2GB version is available sometime in April to "qualified customers" for $3,900.

News source: The Reg

View: Infineon press release

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