Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650 Quad-Core Processor review

This just in from the Guru of 3D.

Intel today (November the 12th) will release officially it's first new processor from the Penryn series of products. Penryn is all about the eternal quest for a smaller die-size. The fabrication process of Penryn is at an incredibly small 45nm. See, smaller transistors equal lower power consumption, equal less heat equal higher clock frequencies and that equals into better performance. The previous generation CPU's QX6850 was built on a 65nm fabrication process. Intel estimates that downscaling that process could save up-to 30% in power consumption.

We have a full review on this processor and decided to torture it a little, the end results was 4 four cores running at 4 GHz. Now that's just breathtaking ...

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