Intel tweaks CPU prices again...

Intel today refreshes its OEM price lists, last updated at the end of January. And whaddya know - all remains the same, except for the bargain basement desktop Celerons.

Changtes are as follows :-

    1.3 GHz Celeron, now $84, ($103, -18%)

    1.2 GHz Celeron, now $79 ($87, -11%)

    1.10A GHz Celeron, now $69 ($79 -13%)

    1.0A GHz Celeron, now $64 ($69 -7%).

All the Celerons above have 256k cache and all are built on 0.13m manufacturing technology.

Remember that prices are quoted for trays of 1,000 units, so there won't be an exact correlation when they feed their way to the retail level.

News source: The Register

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