Internet Explorer 11 will be coming to Windows 7

One of Microsoft's offices in Redmond

Microsoft confirmed to Engadget today that Internet Explorer 11 will be coming to Windows 7, although it wasn't mentioned exactly when the web browser will be available on the last-generation operating system. Internet Explorer 11 will be available alongside Windows 8.1 when it's released as a final version later this year, although in the meantime you can check out a Preview version as part of the Windows 8.1 Preview.

Previously Microsoft wouldn't say whether Internet Explorer 11 would come to Windows 7, although it was speculated it would as Internet Explorer 10 eventually made its way to Windows 7 several months after the launch of Windows 8. The news that IE11 is coming to Windows 7 will please many people who don't want to upgrade to Microsoft's latest OS, but still want the benefits of a modern browser including improved battery life, better speed and WebGL support.

Source: Engadget

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