Interview: Unreal Championship 2

We take a load off and sit down with Epic Games President and UC2 lead designer Michael Capps to have a chat.

Epic Games President Michael Capps, who happens to be the lead designer of Unreal Championship 2, took some time out of his busy schedule to talk about what Xbox gamers can expect in the new game. Midway Games will ship the much-anticipated sequel February 8th as part of its multi-game deal with the leading game developer.

GameDAILY: Can you talk about the new Unreal Championship game and what your goals in creating this sequel were?

Michael Capps: Really, we wanted to build an Unreal game that was 100% focused on the Xbox audience. Certainly live is part of the Xbox experience, but so is playing with your friends in the living room. When we first started development, we thought we'd try to bring in some of the best elements of fighting games, like choosing unique characters, fighting for a few rounds, then picking some different characters, arenas, or weapons, and doing it again.

News source: GameDAILY

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