iPad mini launch doesn't generate iPhone lines at Apple Stores

The iPad mini, which was announce in late October, is now on sale at many Apple retail stores, along with the fourth generation of the iPad tablet. However, it looks like the reaction from the Apple faithful to these products is not generating as much interest as previous iOS product launches.

Reuters reports that there were about 50 people in line at the Apple store in Sydney, Australia before it opened earlier today, but those lines were much longer when Apple debuted new iPhones. It was much the same at the Apple store in Tokyo, Japan and Seoul, South Korea, where they state there were 100 people in line.

News.com reports that at the iconic Apple Store in Fifth Avenue in New York City, the line to buy the 7.85 inch iPad mini started at 10 pm Thursday night. However, the Apple Store did not open to the public at 8 am as previously announced. Instead, it will open at 10 am.

Of course, New York City was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy a few days ago. However, the fact that people are still lining up to get an iPad mini even as the city struggles to recover shows that some people still want their new gadgets, no matter what. One of the first people in line, Andrew Li, came from Queens and he doesn't even have any power at his home at the moment.

Source: Reuters

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