Is Lexmark Spending Enough On R&D To Beat HP?

Lexmark Chairman and CEO Paul Curlander Tuesday defended his company's spending on research and development compared to rivals like Hewlett Packard. Curlander's comments came as he acknowledged Lexmark suffered a "disappointing" second quarter, during a conference call with Wall Street analysts to talk about Lexmark's earnings. Richard Gardner, an analyst with Citigroup, New York, questioned Curlander sharply over Lexmark's R&D compared to rivals and even asked whether the company had to make some "tough decisions" about its flagging inkjet business.

"I was wondering if you would acknoweldge a big problem in (Lexmark's) inkjet (business) is lacking print-head technology," Gardner said. "Given that your competitors are spending five and 10 times as much on inkjet R&D technology as you are, I'm wondering how you can atch up at this point, cost-effectively, and, as you say, spend as much as you need to spend on R&D to get back to where you'd like to be in the consumer segment?"

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