Joe Belfiore pops up in Kyoto with golden locks and an.... iPhone

Microsoft's Joe Belfiore has been the face of Windows 10 Mobile (previously Windows Phone) over the past several years. Many had questions when he was a clear no-show at Microsoft's October event, but later offered that he would be taking a year to spend time with his family and travel the world.

While he has remained quite mum via his social media channel on Twitter (although fairly active via his travel blog), Belfiore offered up an update that stated he was in Kyoto and was even rocking golden locks for his visit to the "hair shrine". Generally, this type of post wouldn't raise an eyebrow, but when you're the Corporate Vice President, Operating Systems Group at Microsoft, and you're "caught" using an iPhone, heads will turn. As expected, many questioned the use of a competitor's product, but as Belfiore stated before his adventuring, he would be experimenting with many devices from competitors, which means using products and services not built by Microsoft.

Belfiore even had a bit of fun by stating he wished he had posted from his Palm Pre, where he could've really set the Internet ablaze. Belfiore is expected to return to his post at Microsoft in nine months.

Source: Twitter via The Verge

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