Join the VLC Media Player for Windows Phone beta test [Update]

It looks like the VLC media player for Windows Phone is almost here, with a semipublic beta going live soon. Right now you can sign-up and be one of the first people to try the app on your phone.

VLC is a super popular media player for the Windows desktop but has a “modern” style app for Windows 8 and above. However that app is only available on x86 devices, as the team behind the player has had issues getting the software to properly compile on ARM devices.

But that hasn’t stopped them from moving forward, and we’re now very close to a beta version of the app on Windows Phone. We’ve seen some previous screenshots and even a video, but this will be the first public working version for users.

You can sign-up for the beta test here, though do keep in mind that many things may be broken and many bugs uncovered in this first version.

Update: The beta sign-up form is now full, so in case you missed it you won't get to sign-up for this early release now. This was bound to happen as VLC is indeed very popular, plus there are some Windows Phone Store restrictions on how many beta licenses a developer can give out.

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