Konami unveils Kuju's new SAS title

Konami has recently announced with Kuju developement that a new FPS title based on the British SAS special forces unit is in the makings. The game is based on the Unreal technology, and is in development for PC and PS2 - with online multiplayer to be supported on both platforms, and voice communications planned for the PS2 version.

Kuju - which previously developed the first online FPS title on the PS2, Warhammer 40,000: Firewarrior - has been working closely with former SAS instructor Rhett Butler (no, seriously - that's his real name) on the title, which will include tactics and missions from real life, including the famous 1980 storming of the Iranian embassy by SAS forces.

In fact, the mission briefings in the game are provided by John MacAleese, who is an SAS veteran who took part in that assault. The game is certainly aiming for authenticity, but will apparently remain accessible to mainstream players by avoiding drawn-out pre-mission planning sessions in favour of getting the player into the action quickly.

As well as The Regiment, Kuju is currently working on unannounced projects for publishers including Activision and Sony, along with announced titles such as Advance Wars: Under Fire for Nintendo. The company recently opened a studio location in Brighton, bringing its total number of studios in the UK to four.

News source: gamesindustry.biz

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