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Krita Desktop is a free an open source painting application. Krita is the full-featured free digital painting studio for artists who want to create professional work from start to end. Krita is used by comic book artists, illustrators, concept artists, matte and texture painters and in the digital VFX industry. Krita has been in development for over 10 years and has had an explosion in growth recently. It offers many common and innovative features to help the amateur and professional alike.

Krita has a user-friendly interface. The dockers and panels can be moved and customized for your specific workflow. Once you have your setup, you can save it as your own workspace. You can also create your own shortcuts for commonly used tools.

In addition to painting, Krita comes with vector, filter, group, and file layers. Combine, order, and flatten layers to help your artwork stay organized. There are also three different views on how to see the layers.

Krita supports full color management through LCMS for ICC and OpenColor IO for EXR, allowing you to incorporate Krita into your existing color management pipeline.

Open PSD files that even Photoshop cannot open. Load and save to PSD when you need to take your artwork across different programs.

Krita is the only dedicated painting application that lets you open, save, edit and author HDR and scene-deffered images. Furthermore, with OCIO and OpenEXR support, you can manipulate the view to examine HDR images, and use it in the most cutting edge workflows from the film and visual effects industries.

Krita 4.2.3 fixed bugs:

  • Make it possible for Krita to use a software renderer on Windows (BUG:408872)
  • Fix the caption of the Background Color color selection dialog (BUG:407658)
  • Fix the tag selector combobox so it is possible to select resources that have a tag that’s longer than fits in the combobox (BUG:408053)
  • Make it possible for the Krita startup window to become as narrow as before adding the news widget (BUG:408504)
  • Fix copy/pasting of animation frames (BUG:408421, BUG:404595)
  • Make the polygon and outline selection tool handle the control modifier correctly (BUG:376007)
  • Add a reload script button to the Python scripter plugin
  • Fix a crash in the Overview docker when there is no image open
  • Fix drag and drop of fill layers between opened files (BUG:408019)
  • Fix loading EXR files that have more than one layer with the same name (BUG:409552)
  • Hide vanishing points preview lines when assistants are hidden (BUG:396158)
  • Fix the Mirror All Layers Horizontally function
  • Fix switching profile to default when changing channel depth in the New Image dialog (BUG:406700)
  • Disable AVG optimizations for some 32 bit blending modes (BUG:404133)
  • Fix a crash when pressing cancel when trying to create an 8 bit/channel linear gamma RGB image
  • Fix colors drifting when using the native macOS color selection dialog (BUG:407880)
  • Make sure Stroke Selection paint correctly with the selection border in the middle of the selection (BUG:409254)
  • Fix saving Krita when perspective assistants are present (BUG:409249)
  • Fix issues with transformations being pixelated (BUG:409280)
  • Make it possible to hide all layers except the selected one with shift-click (BUG:376086)
  • Fix cloning keyframe channels that are not opacity channels
  • Fix a hang when trying to paint while playing an animation of an empty image (BUG:408749)
  • Fix Isolated Mode when multiple windows are open (BUG:408150)
  • Make the gradient editor show the right editor for stop and segmented gradients (but creating new gradients in Krita is still broken)
  • Make Krita use the integrated GPU on dual-GPU Apple computers
  • Fix a freeze when pressing delete when making a polygonal selection (BUG:408843)
  • Fix the –export commandline option to return 0 when the export is successful (BUG:409133)
  • Fix support for the KDE Plasma global menu (BUG:408015)
  • Fix a crash when using the shrink option of the deform brush (BUG:408887)

Download: Krita 4.2.3 (32-bit) | Portable | ~100.0 MB (Open Source)
Download: Krita 4.2.3 (64-bit) | Portable
Download: Krita Windows App Store (commercial software)
View: Krita Home Page | Krita Screenshot | Release Notes

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