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Last major update for Super Mario Maker 2 lets players create entire game worlds

Nintendo launched Super Mario Maker 2 for the Nintendo Switch in June of last year, expanding on the original with new single-player content, multi-player support, and a number of other additions. Since then, the company has also released some updates for the game, including one back in December that added the Master Sword from The Legend of Zelda, turning Mario into Link. Now, the company has detailed the last major content update that will grace the game, and it adds something players have wanted for some time.

Like before, this is a significant update with plenty of new additions, but the most notable one is World Maker. Until now, it's been possible to create individual stages for others to play, but with no meaningful way to connect them. In World Maker, players can create a Super World with up to eight worlds and 40 of their own levels, with the ability to set the layout, theme, and design of the game map, meaning it's almost possible to create a full Mario game inside Mario Maker.

Aside from that, there are a few more additions in the form of power-ups and objects to use in stages. A new mushroom for Super Mario Bros. 2 makes it possible to ride on enemies, or pick them up and throw them, while the Super Acorn grants Mario the ability to glide across the air. There are a few other items here, such as the Propeller Box, Cannon Box, Goomba Mask, and more. As for enemies, all seven Koopalings are now possible enemies in the game, and Mechakoopas also make an appearance in a few different forms.

The final major content update for Super Mario Maker 2 will be available tomorrow, April 22, at no additional cost. It's possible that other, smaller updates, will be released later on, but it's likely that they won't be focused on adding new content.

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