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Latest Intel XTU is designed to get the best out of upcoming 12th gen Alder Lake CPUs

Intel Alder Lake features

Intel recently held its Architecture Day 2021 event where the company outlined its roadmap ahead for CPUs and GPUs. Here, the company talked at great length about its upcoming Alder Lake family of processors which will feature the firm's efficiency-based big.LITTLE core design even in desktops. The new approach is called the Performance Hybrid architecture and according to Intel and Microsoft, this design is really well optimized to work with the next-gen Windows 11 OS with the help of the new Thread Director scheduling technology inside Alder Lake.

Alder Lake Thread Director scheduling

However, that's not all it seems as Intel's own official overclocking and tuning tool called Extreme Tuning Utility (XTU) is also receiving Alder Lake-specific optimizations with its latest version This is probably important as the new approach with Alder Lake is vastly different from Intel's previous big core designs that only consisted of similar cores (P-cores only).

The latest changes made to XTU related to Alder Lake have been labelled as "Enhanced AlderLake support". They are:

  • Added support for hybrid Performance and Efficient core architecture
  • Added support for Intel Speed Optimizer
  • Added real time memory timings support
  • DDR5 support
  • Added per-core OC TVB support
  • Added package OC TVB support
  • Added VF Curve support
  • Removed BCLK UI control

Alongside Alder Lake support, the new XTU tool brings real-time memory timings support for DDR5 memory. This means the company is expanding on what users will be able to accomplish in relation to memory tweaking within the OS.

Intel had added real-time memory frequency tuning with the XTU version it launched with Rocket Lake-S processors and now the firm has added support for timings as well. The addition of Alder Lake optimizations to the latest XTU also means the launch of the new CPUs is probably not too far with a rumor going around that it may be on October 28.

You can download the XTU from Intel's official website here.

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