Leaked video seems to reveal high res touchscreen Google Chromebook

So far, Google has let PC OEMs such as Samsung, Acer, Lenovo and most recently HP make notebooks using the Chrome OS. Now there's a new video that seems to suggest that Google is working on a new Chromebook that it has designed themselves.

The video was first posted by developer Francois Beaufort on his Google+ page but was later taken down. The website Android Community managed to make a copy and posted it on its DailyMotion.com page. The video looks like it was made by a professional marketing agency and promises that this new laptop has a high resolution display (Beaufort says it is 2560 x 1700) along with touchscreen features.

Beaufort suggests that this clip was made by a company called Slinky.me. Oddly enough, the company's official website is now showing a message from its CEO claiming that its servers were hacked into; it's possible that's how this clip popped up on the net.

Even if the video is authentic, it still doesn't mean that this project is one that's in active development by Google. It's possible that the video was made simply as an example of what Slinky.me can do with a marketing concept. Still, it would not surprise us if Google was indeed working on its own in-house Chromebook notebook.

Source: Android Community

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