Lenovo's Kinect-like "iSec" console launching in China this year

Lenovo originally stated mid-last year that a brand new game console, then known as the “eBox” would be hitting the Chinese market in November 2010 followed by other markets in 2011. As Lenovo missed their launch window, it has now been revealed that the console has been renamed to “iSec” and will debut in the second half of this year.

Eedoo Technology, funded by China’s largest computer manufacturer Lenovo, fully unveiled the console during a Friday announcement. The iSec, a name which stands for “Sports Entertainment Center” and screams for an Apple lawsuit if it reaches the US, will rely on Kinect-like camera sensing technology (another lawsuit?) to allow gamer’s body motions to be used to interact with games.

PCWorld reports that the console is targeted at families in the 200 million Chinese households, with games focusing on health and sport entertainment. During the Friday launch, games similar to the Wii’s Wii Sports and Wii Fit were demonstrated, but apart from gaming it is reported that the iSec will also allow families to watch movies, surf the web and sing karaoke – the latter of which will no doubt be very popular.

While the price of the console wasn’t disclosed, it is rumoured to cost more than the Wii but less than the Xbox 360 (US$150-$200). Lenovo also hope to sell more than one million units before they will think about expanding into overseas markets, which could be a risky move due to the saturation of motion-controlled consoles in Western markets.

Image Source: chinadaily.com.cn

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