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Link Commander 2.5 Released

Resort Labs has just released version 2.5 of the bookmark organizer Link Commander. This aplication is a fully-automated bookmark manager capable of organizing, cataloguing, sorting and synchronizing web links by integrating seamlessly with popular browsers and collecting favorites and bookmarks. Link Commander works independently of a particular web browser or operating system to ensure that bookmark collections remain intact through browser or system upgrades.

Link Commander enables the transfer of bookmarks from one computer to another and will synchronize collections among multiple computers. Users can create an unlimited number of bookmarks, create specialized collections of bookmarks and favorites, seek out and eliminate duplicates, and confirm the viability of bookmarked links. All or part of each collection can be password-protected or assigned usage permissions.

New to version 2.5 is support for non-web bookmarks such as executable files, documents and folders, importable from the Desktop, the QuickLaunch bar, MyDocuments folder or the Programs menu. A number of tweaks to browser support and hotkey commands have been added.

Download: Link Commander Standard | 3.1 MB (Shareware, $34.95)

Download: Link Commander Lite | 2.9 MB (Shareware, $19.95)

Screenshot: >> Click here

View: Link Commander Home

View: Resort Labs Home

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