Matrox confirms Parhelia only AGP 4X

This story stems from two Matrox official documents which gave contradictory information about AGP support. Because 3D companies insist that AGP 8X and DirectX 9 are crucial for future generation 3D hardware, it was important for us to find out which type of AGP Matrox supports.

We contacted Matrox yesterday and the company has confirmed that the Parhelia 512 is an AGP 4X part. However, bear in mind that cards based on the technology will be fully compatible with AGP 8X motherboards that have started to put their heads above the parapet. Matrox said that one of the reasons why its chip is AGP 4X part is because it is shipping Parhelia before broad AGP 8X introduction and this is something that we can agree, since Intel hasn't launched its AGP 8X hardware and the brood of Chipzilla chipsets is mighty indeed.

News source: The Inquirer

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