McAfee launches free security analysis tools

Thanks to Festa for the heads up.

Those of us that berate Microsoft for pursuing a subscription-based software policy could make the same point to McAfee.

McAfee have just launched its SecurityCenter - a suite of free analysis tools aimed at getting users to become more security aware and hopefully plug any gaping holes with yearly licences of McAfee products.

Once downloaded and installed, SecurityCenter will scan your PC, giving you a security rating between one and 10 based on the vulnerability of the machine to viruses, hackers and abuse. Also on offer is a Hacker Vulnerability Scanner that will chuck packets at your PC, through your firewall if you have one, to check the vulnerability of common Internet ports.

Users can have a look at a virus library, and quite interestingly, view a real time world map of viral activity. Additionally you get the chance to download free trials of McAfee products.

All useful stuff, and part of McAfee's managed Web services strategy to create an XML-based service offering real-time secure protection to anyone connected to the Internet.

Combined with Microsoft's Baseline Security Analyzer this does seem to give users a good chance of increasing their security online. Just IMHO, you see ;)

News source: PC Pro


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