Microsoft announces Win 7 pricing, special pre-order price

Microsoft has finally announced the pricing and it is good news to the consumer, with prices for its most popular product, Windows Home Premium, receiving about a 10% price drop. With a drop in price Microsoft is hoping to regain customers after the less than desirable launch of Windows Vista.

This prices are very similar, but not identical, to those we reported back in February.

Microsoft will also be offering pre-order upgrades with aggressive prices never seen by Microsoft before. These prices are identical to those we reported back in early June, from a leaked Best Buy memo.

Home Premium - $ 119.99 (Vista Launch price of $159.99)
Professional* - $ 199.99 (Vista launch price of $199.99)
Ultimate - $ 219.99 (Vista launch price of $259.99)

Pre-Order Upgrades:
Home Premium - $49.99
Professional - $99.99

Full Retail:
Home Premium - $ 199.99 (Vista launch price $239.99)
Professional* - $ 299.99 (Vista launch price $299.99)
Ultimate - $ 319.99 (Vista launch price $399.99

* Windows Vista Business and Windows 7 Professional are used for comparable references

Pre-orders will be limited but Microsoft has not commented yet on what the supply limitations will be. The pre-orders will launch Friday, June 26 – July 11 in the US, Canada, and Japan and will end sooner if supplies are depleted. The UK, France, and Germany preorders launch July 15 – August 14 or will end sooner if supplies are depleted. Keep an eye on starting tomorrow, as we anticipate more details being announced about this program on that website. The pre-order upgrades will only be available online and only from select retailers like Best Buy, and the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft is trying to show that Windows 7 is better than Vista in every form. With its more aggressive pricing, and excellent beta reviews, Microsoft wants the world to know that this is the OS you want.

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