Microsoft announces PowerShell in Cloud Shell for the Azure cloud

At Microsoft’s Ignite event yesterday, it showed off PowerShell running on Azure Cloud. The firm has dubbed it PowerShell in Cloud Shell, stating that it’s now available for everyone in the form of a public preview and brings several new functions to the Azure platform.

The new PowerShell experience adds:

  • Azure drive to discover and navigate all Azure resources like file system navigation. Azure drive also provides contextual capabilities such as resource group scoping for Azure Powershell cmdlets, when within the context of a resource group path in the Azure drive (Azure:). Context-sensitive command list using Get-AzureRmCommand. It only lists commands that are applicable to items under the path in Azure drive (Azure:).
  • Rich PowerShell script editing using VIM, which provides built-in syntax highlighting and IntelliSense for PowerShell files.
  • An extensible model for adding new commands (via modules and scripts) from the PowerShell Gallery, which automatically persisted across your Cloud Shell sessions.
  • Enables interactions with virtual machines using PowerShell remoting to enable management of guest virtual machines.

PowerShell is also available on the Azure mobile app enabling you to take it with you on the go. It allows you to save in-progress work across devices by storing scripts in CloudDrive which are accessible from virtually anywhere.

In order to try PowerShell, head over to the Azure portal and launch Cloud Shell, then select PowerShell from the shell drop-down list. With it being in a preview state, you should expect to find some bugs which Microsoft will want to hear about.

Source: Microsoft

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